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Welcome to our first experimental English department wiki. You can use it to share ideas about your work and your reading
materials or just ask for help and support with your homework.

At the moment we have just one forum set up where year 11 students can discuss their reading matter. This is entitled "The Difficult Reading Forum". In order to read the messages and add to them click on recent posts below and then click on the messages that I have posted and you should be invited to reply. Click 'reply', type your message and then click 'post'. Good luck!

Monday 8th November


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Reading Seminars January 2011
There are two documents that you might find helpful attached to this page. The first is my powerpoint on The Long Song as an example of a seminar and the second is a suggested contents list. Email me if you get stuck. Feel free to start up a new conversation stream about the seminars. Click on the word Files at the bottom of this page to access the 2 files.