The city of Barcalona offers you a great family holiday. There is the home of the Barcelona football team the[Neu Camp] which is europes largest stadium. Also right next door is the wonderful muesium which consists of the Barcelona trophy cabinet which includes the 1992 european trophy.

Barcelona also have the Olympic stadium which hosts Barcelona’s bitter rivals Espanyol and was the venue for the 1992 olympic games.

There is [a] also wonderful shopping options, take a trip down the world famous la Rambla and the human statues first hand. Not too far from there is the wonderful Barcelona Zoo which has europes only Albeano Gorilla, Snowflake.

Also in the centre of Barcelona is the building that has taken one hundred and fifty years to build and is still not finished.

If that is not enough for you there is nighttime Barcelona fountains which has beautiful laser coloured lights along with wonderful fountains. All this has simple and easy access with their fantastic underground metro system which was made for the 1992 olympic games, where the village is still there for all to see.

If it is just the quiet, relaxing holiday then you are neaver far from a beach along the costa delsol. Which can boast loverly blue sea to go along with the shingle beaches available.

Go on treat yourself.