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The city of Barcelona offers you so much more than just a great family holiday; it offers you a holiday of a lifetime. With so little time, there is so much to do!! One of the most renowned sites that must be paid a visit is the home of the Barcelona team, called Nou Camp. It is Europe’s largest stadium and certainly worth a few hours of your time. Whilst you are in the area why not stop by the museum and really get to know the stadium? You can take a trip around one of the famous locker rooms and peer into the awe-inspiring trophy cabinet, which contains the 1992 European trophy that made Barcelona proud!

Barcelona is blessed with attractions, another place worthy of your visit is the Olympic stadium. As well as hosting the 1992 Olympic games, the stadium has also been witness to matches between Barcelona and one of their strongest competitors, Espanyol. If the Olympic games is what you’re after, then take a look at the Olympic Village, which is still standing for all to see.

If retail therapy is what you’re after, then there is a wealth of shopping choices. You could take a trip down to the world famous ‘La Rambla’. In La Rambla there is the opportunity to admire the vast amount of human statues scattered around the town, and then drop into the Barcelona zoo to say hello to Snowflake – Europe’s only albino Gorilla. Another un-missable site to visit is the Sagrada Família. A temple that has taken one hundred and fifty years to build, and still isn’t finished. Who knows, maybe it’ll be finished by the time you arrive!

After all is done during the week, and all you feel like doing is relaxing, then look no further than the beaches of Costa Delsol. These beaches boast shingle beaches and dazzling blue waters – not to be missed.

If that is not enough for you there is the under appreciated nightlife of Barcelona. As well as the glamorous restaurants and other amazing experiences, Barcelona are very proud of their fountains. The fountains have a laser light which shines in different colours, to really show up the beautiful architecture and craftsmanship.

All of these exciting visits that I have mentioned are easily accessible thanks to the fantastic underground metro system, thanks to the 1992 Olympics. The metro system was designed for people to easily reach the Olympic stadium, and watch the games with ease.

If it’s a quiet and relaxing holiday you’re after, or an action-packed adventure then Barcelona is the place to be

Go on treat yourself.

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