Materials for English Lesson

There is a range of activities that you can complete during this lesson.
Have a look at them, decide which order to complete them in and then
start work!

Activity 1
Create a magazine article based on the preparation that you completed in class. Create it in a publishing programme, then email it to Ms to upload to the wiki site.

Activity 2
Open the following documents - examples of Paper 2 Exam Writing - and try to improve them up to A* quality.
See files at bottom of page. You can download and edit Barcalona. You can download and comment on the student work described as Cockroaches.
Look at the mark scheme before starting. You will find an example question and mark scheme from 2009 at the bottom of this page.

Activity 3
Go through Google to look at actual magazine articles to get a clear picture of conventions and layout.

Activity 4
Visit student pages to comment on their work:
To be uploaded during the lesson.